Visual work instructions and remote support

12 times faster knowledge transfer!


REWO is a knowledge digitization platform for manufacturing companies that want to improve quality, productivity and employee satisfaction with clear, understandable and standardized visual work instructions.

As a virtual mentor that is always available, REWO drastically shortens the time needed to train, educate or requalify employees!

Creating visual work instructions is extremely intuitive, easy and fast. Compared to conventional documentation methods, REWO enables knowledge to be transferred to employees up to 12 times faster. In addition, all knowledge can be digitally archived in a secure and modern way.

Three key challenges that REWO addresses

Prenos znanja

Employee knowledge gap

Companies are losing knowledge due to retirements and turnover of employees.

Kompleksnost dela

Increased complexity of work

Nowadays, skilled employees need to learn more in less time.



Recruitment of foreigners

Due to the lack of certain profiles, the employment of people from foreign countries is increasing.

How REWO works?

Snemanje navodil

Record the work process as you see it


Use the snapshots to create step-by-step work instructions quickly and easily

Shranjevanje podatkov

Save the data locally or in the cloud

Rewo navodila

Use visual instructions to teach employees or show them what to do

REWO vizualna pomoč

If you need further assistance, use remote visual support

Many possibilities to use REWO

General work instructions
Creating visual guides for standard operating processes

Independent maintenance
Standardized visual work instructions, instructional materials, digital manuals

Complaint management
Troubleshooting instructions, description of failures (8D)

Training & retraining of employees
Faster achievement of productivity in production, improved quality and reliability

Quality assurance
Standardized visual procedures, instructional materials, digital manuals

Standardization and certification
Support process in standardization for ISO/TS certification

A must have for manufacturing companies!

REWO navodila

  • Fast induction, training and retraining of employees
  • Faster introduction of new products / models
  • Fewer errors at work
  • Higher product quality
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Standardization of work
  • Faster and easier access to the right work instructions
  • Faster and easier introduction of new technologies
  • Installation in the cloud or locally at the client (on-premises)
  • Plug-and-play with customizable integration options
  • Use of own / existing hardware
  • Easy to use


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