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Increase overall efficiency by up to 10%

Qlector LEAP is a high-performance platform for smart factories that uses artificial intelligence to comprehensively monitor, optimize, direct and plan production and business processes.

The platform effectively combines two worlds - it is invaluable for production planners because it helps them make optimal plans, monitor production and optimize inventory. Furthermore, it helps the heads of departments or team leaders in micro-planning and production adjustment, and provides an effective support in the deployment of employees and optimal team formation. It enables companies to improve their overall production efficiency (OEE) by up to 10%, mainly thanks to large savings in planning and coordination time, reduction of organizational congestion by up to 25% and at least 10% shorter production time on assembly lines.

Challenges that we effectively address 

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Our solution is like Google maps for production

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Key functionalities

Monitoring, forecasting, alarming & correcting

  • Production forecast.
  • Inventory forecast.
  • Forecast of tool needs.
  • Treatment of inter-plant production as a whole (elimination of physical boundaries of inter-plant production).
  • Consideration of responsiveness and quality of subcontractors.

Intelligent production planning

  • Building a digital twin on data history, allowing planning based on actual capabilities rather than theory.
  • Making optimal plans (deadlines, inventories, equipment utilization etc.).
  • Automatic checking and alerting on the status of incoming material, WIP inventories, completion of work orders.

Intelligent micro-planning

  • What-if fast micro-plan simulations.
  • Support for department heads in the deployment of employees, considering competence matrices, employees' preferences regarding working hours and reduced workload.
  • Support in the forming of optimal teams according to their efficiency.
  • Monitoring employee performance and learning.

How Qlector LEAP works?

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Four modules for complete process optimization

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