Machine vision

From quality control to production optimization

Machine vision systems have long been more than just product control. Today, machine vision can effectively detect trends in production processes, create databases and generate process statistics. Quality control is evolving into production optimization, enabling dynamic response to irregularities in the initial and intermediate stages of the production process.

Challenges we address

On the level of product control

  • Unreliable and inefficient manual inspection
  • 100% quality control requirements
  • Management of customer complaints

On the level of process optimization

  • Standstills in production process
  • Defects waste
  • Non-optimized resource consumption
  • Slow response to errors

Kontrola produktov

Development of solutions in four key areas

Product control

Kontrola izdelkov

Process management

Vodenje procesov

Dimensional measures

Dimenzijske meritve

Identification systems

Identifikacijski sistemi

How we develop machine vision solutions

Gradimo rešitve strojnega vida

Benefits for users


  • Fast, efficient and 100% reliable quality inspection with complete control.
  • Achieve "zero defect" production.
  • Reduction / optimization of production costs.
  • Optimization of resource consumption.
  • Real-time production monitoring and statistics.
  • Process excellence.
  • Increased productivity and competitiveness.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and no complaints.

Strojni vid

Use cases for automated quality control

 Robotska celica

Robot cells with integrated machine vision

 Tlačno litje

Solutions for die-casting industry

 Na ključ

Custom made solutions



Tire inspection systems

Drsni obroč

Gear ring inspection

Rešitev na ključ

Machine vision as a service



Use cases for production process regulation

Lesene grče

Automated plugging of shuttering panels

Rezanje lesa

Adaptable wood cutting


Contour measurement of extruded profiles


"Bin picking" and "pick & place" aapplications 


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