Consulting for digital transformation

How to develop a strategy to achieve all your KPIs?

Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that work with us to develop a digital strategy and action plan for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions can increase their overall efficiency (OEE) by up to 10%.

Our comprehensive digital transformation consulting services and smart factory solutions enable them to optimize labor and inventory costs, reduce organizational backlogs, shorten assembly line times, and dramatically accelerate knowledge transfer between employees.

We deliver exactly what we promise and always try to think outside the box. With the help of our internationally recognized I 4.0 READINESS application, we first determine what level of digital maturity the company is actually at. Based on this, we help them to create a strategy and action plan, find suitable sources of funding and deliver secure, modular, interconnectable and scalable solutions for Industry 4.0 in a long-term strategic partnership.

Where are you now, and where are you going?

With the free version of the I 4.0 READINESS application, you will gain valuable insights into where you really are in terms of your company's digital maturity and where you want to get to in the process of digital transformation.

The application compares your results with the reference values of a representative sample of companies in developed markets so that you can determine whether the planned steps of your digital transformation are in line with global trends.

You receive your company's score in relation to the average scores of the representative sample for five (out of eight) key areas of digital transformation - strategy, digital solutions to support processes, digital products and services, company organization, and compliance with Industry 4.0 principles.


Are you interested in a comprehensive and in-depth assessment?

While using the free I 4.0 READINESS application to get an informative assessment of your company's digital maturity in an effective and credible way, you can get a comprehensive and in-depth analysis by contacting our experienced consultant.

In their work, they use a combination of internationally recognized methodology for assessing the digital maturity of companies and a model developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and upgraded with Slovenian knowledge and experience in the digitalization of manufacturing companies.

With a comprehensive and in-depth digital maturity assessment, you will gain results for your company in all eight key areas of digital transformation: 

(1) Customer relationship management and user experience

(2) Data strategy

(3) Processes and digital solutions supporting business operations

(4) Digital business models, products and services

(5) Digital workforce and digital workplace development strategy

(6) Digital organizational culture development strategy

(7) Cybersecurity

(8) Industry 4.0

Why are we your ideal partner?

Kolektor Digital is one of the leading system integrators in the CEE region, developing advanced solutions for Industry 4.0 smart factories.

 More than 10,000 successfully implemented projects

In the last 20 years, we have successfully designed and implemented more than 10,000 industrial informatization, automation and digitalization projects for ourselves and our clients. Our solutions are based on artificial intelligence, smart industrial robotics and advanced visual and simulation technologies. We use them to effectively solve the challenges of small and medium-sized companies to reduce the initial CAPEX investments or convert them into OPEX.

Long-term partnership and full support

Through our consulting services in the field of digital transformation, we build long-term partnerships with our clients. With rich industrial domain knowledge, experience and competencies, we provide our clients with full support, taking into account the current situation in their company. Thus, they follow the path of organic growth, gradually progressing in accordance with the level of digital maturity to reach the set goals - we guide them from the first introductory consultations to the preparation of a strategy and action plan proposing concrete Industry 4.0 solutions.

We know your challenges in finding the right Industry 4.0 solutions


 Contact us! 

Any manufacturing company that wants to follow trends, stay competitive, develop and grow needs a strong and trustworthy development partner. At Kolektor Digital, we help our clients on the path of complete digital transformation, we understand their needs and requirements and provide them with all the necessary professional and technical support.

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