Fast, accurate and contactless detection of people with fever!

CORDEA is a fully automatic, fast and reliable solution for detecting people with fever and preventing the rapid spread of viral diseases. Fever is one of the first symptoms of diseases such as COVID 19, seasonal flu and other respiratory infections such as SARS or MERS-COV.

  • CORDEA was developed based on machine vision, artificial intelligence and other state-of-the-art visual technologies. It is based on the experience and competencies that the Kolektor Vision development team has been using for more than 20 years in creating complex solutions used in demanding industrial and non-industrial environments.

  • CORDEA is adapted for indoor use in companies and public institutions with a large flow of people.

  • An operator is not required when using the CORDEA system, as the device measures the temperature at typical facial points in less than a second, and activates a visual alarm in the event of a fever.

  • CORDEA enables automatic messaging and offers a web-based interface to help with remote control. It can be equipped with a software module for connection to back-end systems, such as access control.

  • CORDEA is developed under the EC 80601-2-59 standard, which regulates the safety requirements and functionalities of screening thermografs intended for individual non-invasive measurements of body temperature in controlled environmental conditions. This standard also specifies laboratory test limits for the screening thermograph.

  • CORDEA complies with the GDPR guidelines. Image information is captured and analyzed exclusively on the device and is not stored. The device does not send and display any data except the measurement status (temperature is increased / not increased).  

How does it work?

Two modes of operation

1. Independent operation

Constant image capture, waits for the presence of persons, performs measurements and gives the result of these measurements.

2. Operation in connection with the back-end system

The measurement process is activated when a person registers at the measurement site

Intuitive instructions

CORDEA features a minimalist control panel that displays the status of the device and guides the user. The instructions are very intuitive.

Step 1

At the entrance, the person is directed to the measurement point

Upon entering the room/company/plant/institution, the system warns the person to measure the body temperature and directs him/her to the measurement point.

Step 2

At the measurement point, the person is instructed on how to get ready for performing the measurement

The person approaches the measuring device at the marked place, where he/she gets visual instructions on how to proceed for the measurement to be successfully performed.

Step 3

By measuring the temperature on the face, we check whether the person has a fever 

When the person stands still for a few moments at the measurement point, the device reads the body temperature in less than a second. 

Step 4

Measurement result

After the body temperature is read, the device reports the measurement status. In the event of a measurement error, the person is asked to repeat the measurement.

Step 5

Further actions based on the result obtained

Depending on the final result of the measurement and based on the agreement between the ordering party and the provider of the system, further instructions are provided to the person.


Perfect user interface design 

Optimized communication with users. The transmission of CORDEA measurement results is clear and simple!


Cordea: normalna telesna temperatura

Normal body temperature measurement display

Cordea: povišana telesna temperatura

Fever measurement display

Cordea: Motnja pri delovanju naprave


Cordea: napaka pri izvedbi merjenja

Measurement error 


Advantages and functionalities

Key advantages
  • Automatic contactless measurement
  • Reliable and robust detection of people with fever
  • Easy and safe to use
  • All components of the system are integrated into one housing, which allows universal placement in the room
  • As a direct manufacturer, we provide quality support, regular maintenance and calibration of systems
  • Remote assistance and system software upgrades
  • Digital guide for proper installation of the device in the room
  • Customized solutions for individual customers (optional)
  • Short delivery time
Key features
  • The device operates without the presence of an operator
  • High level of measurement repeatability without false detections
  • Measurement uncertainty: 0.25°C
  • Measurement speed: one person per second
  • Optical alarm in case of detected increased temperature (display, light signals)
  • Remote assistance and system upgrade via mobile data transfer
  • Wired Ethernet connection
  • Power supply 230 V
  • The device operates in continuous mode or in synchronization with an external back-end system (e.g. access control/registration of employees)
  • Connectivity with back-end systems (optional)
  • Manufactured under the key guidelines of IEC 80601-2-59 and GDPR

Technical specifications

Cordea (EN), pdf (77 kB)

A winning team that turned an idea to solution in just three months!

Cordea Vision ekipa
Jure Skvarč, Ph.D., Head of the Laboratory for Intelligent Visual Technologies at Kolektor Digital

Comprehensive knowledge, experience, competencies and interdisciplinary skills of the experts who have been designing complex solutions for industrial environments based on visual technologies for more than 20 years were crucial for the successful development of the CORDEA fever detection system.


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