We share the same vision

Companies that work with us to digitize operations and introduce Industry 4.0 smart factory solutions increase their overall efficiency, competitiveness and flexibility, and gain many opportunities to develop new digital business models and products. Above all, we share the vision of a safe and efficient transition to a humane high-tech society in which factories work for people, and not the other way around. This way we will be relieved of routine, monotonous work and we will be able to enjoy a better quality of life, with more time for learning and creative work in high value-added jobs.


We bet on artificial intelligence

In the era of Industry 4.0, we have established ourselves as one of the leading system integrators in the CEE region, developing advanced solutions for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

 By mastering the latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, which is the foundation for most of our solutions and products, smart industrial robotics and advanced visual and simulation technologies, we provide our customers with safe, modular, scalable and investment-optimized products and solutions required for the transformation into smart factories of the future.

We build long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. With rich domain knowledge and experience, we provide them with full support, taking into account the existing situation in the company and their actual level of digital maturity. We guide them step by step from the first introductory consultations to the preparation of the strategy and action plan, along the path of organic growth and the gradual but reliable achievement of the set goals.



We follow global megatrends

In all our development and consulting services, we take into account the latest findings of the global megatrend of digitalization and use internationally recognized models that originate from the most industrially developed environments.

 We have successfully upgraded all these methodologies with almost 60 years of experience in the field of process industry and part production and taking into account the specifics of the local and regional business environment.

 This is how the I 4.0 READINESS application for assessing the actual digital maturity of companies was created, where the achieved results of respondents are compared with the average values of a statistically representative sample of companies in developed European markets such as Germany and the United Kingdom.


The foundation of our excellence

60 years of tradition and excellent domain knowledge

We are part of Kolektor, which is a globally established industrial player with a 60-year tradition in serial production.


Achievements in automation and system integration

In the last 20 years, we have successfully designed and implemented more than 10,000 industrial automation projects using lean and agile methods.

Interconnectable, modular and scalable solutions for Industry 4.0

Solutions designed as interconnectable building blocks are based on artificial intelligence, smart industrial robotics and advanced visual and simulation technologies.

Internationally recognized team of top experts

The team of more than a hundred experts for Industry 4.0 includes a good third of PhDs who are members of various international expert groups.

Patents and competence centers for leading positions in global niches

Kolektor has 37 patents and 11 competence centers, which ensure the leading position in global market niches.

Strong partner network and platform for open innovation

We are a leading company in the region for open innovation, with a strong ecosystem of partners, startups and development institutions.

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