Our portfolio start-up Smart Optometry is entering the US market!


Game-based home therapy AmblyoPlay, developed by Kolektor’s portfolio start-up Smart Optometry, utilizes personalized training technology to actively treat amblyopia and announces the launch of its software-based vision therapy solution to the U.S. market. 

In the U.S., 100,000 children are born with conditions that require vision therapy each year. Colloquially known as lazy eye, amblyopia is a vision development disorder in which the vision of one eye is less developed than the other. Because the brain has a difficult time merging two images when one is of weaker quality, it starts to favor the stronger eye over the weaker one.

Traditional vision therapy exercises used to treat amblyopia are repetitive and time-consuming, which often leads to abandonment of the therapy for a high proportion of patients – especially young children. With AmblyoPlay, users perform vision therapy through red and blue glasses and interactive gaming software and are rewarded with tokens they can exchange for physical awards that are sent to their home.

“We realized quickly that for our target age group – children aged four to 14 – making the therapy engaging and rewarding was the first step in supporting parents and doctors as they treat amblyopia,” said Žan Menart, CEO of AmblyoPlay. Parents can monitor the progress of their child through AmblyoPlay’s automated progression tracker and share the results with their child’s doctor at subsequent eye examinations.

“AmblyoPlay does not replace the expertise provided by a doctor – eye care specialists are essential to any eye diagnosis or vision therapy,” said Menart. “Our software serves as another tool to improve visual function of patients and improve their quality of life.”

AmblyoPlay was developed by eye care startup Smart Optometry, creators of the Smart Optometry app for eye screening and diagnosis, eye therapy and eye damage prevention. It is currently used by 75,000 doctors worldwide.

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