The first Future 4.0 Conference surpassed expectations


An exceptional atmosphere in the industrial ambience of Gorenje, excellent appearances of speakers and carefully organized meetings with start-ups at the first Future 4.0 Conference have surpassed all the expectations of the Kolektor Ventures team.

The Future 4.0 Conference, dedicated to the integration of start-ups and corporations, and the exchange of good practices in the field of innovations to industry, was organized in an extremely short time by a top-notch team of the SAŠA incubator from Velenje. The event was organized under the patronage of two Slovene industrial giants - KOLEKTOR from Idrija and Gorenje from Velenje, as well as other private and public partners enabling a content-rich tow-day conference.

Throughout the course of the conference, representatives of Kolektor Ventures, Mrs. Mateja lavrič and Mrs. Stanislava Vabšek attended 16 meetings with start-ups, mainly from the field of industrial IoT, robotics and other new technologies to drive smart factories of the future. "We were impressed by how the event was pulled together, the location, ambience and other elements so thought out by the small SAŠA incubator team, in only two months following a common idea of such a conference on the subject of connecting and collaborating of corporations, investors and start-ups. 

The Future 4.0 Conference shall press ahead with its mission within the so-called Future 4.0 meet-ups to be co-organized by Kolektor. Said meet-ups are deemed informal gatherings of parties from the field of the 4.0 industry, welcoming also other members of the Slovene start-up community - individuals who wish to learn about good practice and exchange experience from different fields of operation of high-tech companies, such as HR, intellectual property, sales, marketing, etc.

The first Future 4.0 meet-up will be held on March 7th, 2019, organized by Kolektor on the premises of Kolektor Digital in the Vič industrial zone, the Imparo building. This meet-up is to cover HR topics - how to attract and maintain best, most talented  staff. Furthermore it will highlight the  "stick and carrot" method - why does this method fail in managing talented teams and individuals,and how can this method be replaced by a more motivation-oriented, softer managing 3.0 approaches.