Kolektor Ventures team at Investors Day at Betahaus Berlin


Mateja and Stanislava, our Kolektor Ventures team, attended Investors Day and Betapitch Global event in Berlin in mid-November and fell in love with the Berlin start-up scene.

”We had a great time, met a lot of promising start-ups, such as Crove, Elevate Global, MXC Foundation and ParkPalet. We also enjoyed an amazing city, it’s openminded, relaxed and yet dynamic and powerful start-up scene that we simply fell in love with,” said Mateja and Stanislava after the event. Their next steps are getting deeper in the conversation with the start-ups they met in Berlin. But also, to make some bright plans on how to cooperate with possible new partners from the regional start-up ecosystem. Keep posted to find out what good will come out of it ;)