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Stanko, a colleague in the Digital strategic business unit

Stanko, a colleague in the Digital strategic business unit and operations manager in Kolektor's portfolio start-up Airnamics, is one of those young experts who was already during his studies "bombarded" with many tempting offers for work at home and abroad . He is currently completing his studies at the IMB – International Master Program in Business and Organization at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, and he also has experience of co-founding a start-up company.

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Jure, developer of autonomous industrial vehicles

Jure has exchanged the academic environment for new challenges in high-tech industrial projects. Jure worked at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana for 14 years as a researcher and assistant. "I met the Kolektor Digital team through cooperation on the GOSTOP development project and I was persuaded to transfer from the faculty to the industry by the right people, the real challenges and the right opportunities for career growth and promotion. At the faculty, the work was not dynamic enough for me and things started to become repetitive in the field of pedagogy. I feel great in Kolektor Digital, there is enough work and challenges and I really enjoy the fact that innovative solutions for industry are really appreciated, while this is not always true for the academic sphere. "



Kolektor Vision (automated vision lab, a part of Kolektor Digital) is looking for motivated C++ developers who would like to join us on our path of developing modern software solutions in the field of computer vision, robotics and artificial intelligence in factories of the future. Our solutions form an interconnected ecosystem that automatically collects information from visual data and enables real-time action.