Join us if you would like to work on:

Planning and executing Customer Discovery:

  • helping our portfolio start-ups understand their customer's problems, needs, situation and priorities
  • creating potential customers lists based on customer profile, 
  • identifying the right people within the customer's organization and getting in touch with them,
  • preparing the customer interview topic and questions,
  • executing customer interviews and analyzing the results.

Building Sales Process:

  • creating and executing the sales process, based on discovered business cases,
  • constantly collecting market and customers feedback,
  • identifying and implementing necessary improvements,
  • extending the go to market strategy to achieve a repeatable sales system.

What you'll need to be successful: 

  • an enormous amount of curiosity and desire to discover and build something new,
  • business acumen (general knowledge on what is needed to run a business),
  • goal oriented mind and achievers’ level of energy and enthusiasm,
  • desire to travel a lot and work by the Get Out of the Building principles,
  • some kind of experience in the field of lean and agile sales development,
  • some kind of experience in working within/for start-ups,
  • fluent in English, German is a huge plus,
  • ability to effectively communicate, understand, empathize and build trust.

If you become a part of the team you'll get the opportunity to:  

  • learn, grow and enjoy your work in a great team of top-level business experts, technical enthusiasts and promising start-ups,
  • develop new business models and effective sales processes,
  • achieve a quantum leap in your personal and career development,
  • participate in equity sharing within Kolektor Digital’s spin-off projects.

Job type: full time (employment or business cooperation contract)

Primary Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

About us:

Kolektor Digital is a business incubator for start-up teams inventing products and solutions for the next industrial revolution (Industry 4.0). We are a team of top-level business and technical experts in the field of robotics, AI, VR and AR, simulation technologies and plug & play digital platforms. We are constantly on the search for business cases that will change the manufacturing industry as we know it today. We are developing new business models and cutting-edge technologies that will transform today's industrial enterprises into smart factories of the future. We are doing all this to resolve real pains and challenges of industrial companies that aren't able to afford huge digital transformation projects. We are here to build the ultimate toolbox that will help such companies make their businesses smart, lean and fully automated. The main role of people who are working in the business development unit of Kolektor Digital is to invent, build and execute a common go to market strategy for our start-up teams and projects.