Entrepreneurship is like a sport: No pain, no gain!



Start: 24. 09. 2019

End: 24. 09. 2019

In sports, as well as in the business arena, the law of the strongest applies. Success is reserved for those who are willing to step out of the comfort zone and constantly overcome their physical and mental boundaries. The question is - how? 

The person who knows the answer, if anyone, is a woman of pure mental strength.  A woman who won the Olympic bronze medal in 2010 with broken ribs! The one and only - Petra Majdič! 

The upcoming Future 4.0 Meetup taking place on September 24, 2019, beginning at 3 pm at the Tehnološki park Ljubljana, will host Petra Majdič, the best Slovene former cross-country skier and an entrepreneur, eager to share her knowledge and experience as to how to train one`s mind to become a winner. 

The person who, in the key moments, made sure that Petra maintained her top mental condition, is a well known Slovene sports psychologist Matej Tušak. Lately, he has been sharing his expertise from the sports world among managers and entrepreneurs with much success. So which are the character-based features of winners and psychological factors for success?

The mind - our greatest enemy or our best friend?
After the discussion with Petra Majdič and Mateja Tušak, we will conclude the event with a round table led by Matej Golob from CorpoHub. The main topic will be the parallels we can draw between sports and entrepreneurship, and the approaches in managing of one`s mind - our greatest enemy or our best friend.


This event is organized by mutual efforts of the SAŠA incubator, Kolektor and Tehnološki park Ljubljana. The Future 4.0 meet-ups are meetings that keep the mission of the conference of Future 4.0 alive. The conference`s main purpose is to connect startups and corporations in the field of Industry 4.0 and to exchange good practices in the field of innovation and development of breakthrough digital products.

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